Rediscover the art of family living


At Wolfe Custom Cabinetry Ltd., we will accommodate any space with no standard sizing. All available space will be accounted for and sized to maximize the area needed for custom cabinetry/millwork. 

​Initial Consultation
Call to arrange a consultation, and our specialist will come in, evaluate your layout and gather room dimensions. A collection of pictures that have inspired you would be beneficial. From there, we’ll help you choose the cabinet styles, finishes and hardware specifics that will bring your dream to life.

Preliminary Estimate

Following the consultation, we’ll provide you with a preliminary estimate for your cabinetry and installation. As well, Wolfe Custom Cabinetry Ltd will provide you with a 3D virtual rendering of your desired space.

​On-Site Final Evaluation

The on-site final evaluation of your space is designed to double-check measurements and identify any issues that may impact the final design or installation of your cabinetry.  

​Final Design and Estimate

​Using information from the on-site final evaluation, we’ll complete the design and provide you with a final quote for cabinetry, delivery and installation.  

Delivery and Installation
​With your approval of the final quote, we’ll begin production of your cabinetry and provide you with an approximate date of installation. Once your cabinets are ready, we'll arrange to have your cabinets delivered and installed by our skilled installation team. A job done right at Wolfe Custom Cabinetry, means building dreams and doing what it takes to make them perfect. We take pride in your satisfaction.

We can appreciate the commitment, time and financial demand needed in undertaking a project in improving any space. Our clients' needs and time are the most important factors when considering the overall reconstruction.   

From the onset of conception, to the multiple stages of planning, decision making, and final approval; will be met with step by step planning, ideas, visual aides and ease. Our job will be complete ONLY when our clients are 100% satisfied and the project has come to a smooth transitional change to fresh and new.

Communicating with our clients is the key element of our success. Working together within every facet to ensure your satisfaction is our promise. 

Our reputation has been built on time efficiency, collaborative efforts, and a fulfilled vision. We look forward to servicing you and ensuring that your dreams of "rediscovering the art of family" has been accomplished!