Envision and Create ideas:

​Decide how your kitchen needs to work for you. Collect pictures/sketches. The more information you can provide the better. Imagine your new space and what it would look like. If this is something that is challenging, look through some design magazines, websites, and browse our gallery to see what inspires you. It will aide you in shaping your ideas and enhance your vision. Communicate your ideas to us so that we may point you in the right direction. We will be more than happy to help in the early stages of planning.

Style, Textures & Ambiance:

Choosing specifics will give you the edge in finalizing the overall look you want to achieve. Specific textures, colors and patterns will be very helpful in deciding your unique space. Visit our products page and browse our distributor links to obtain different tones and finishes. We can also assist you in matching colors and patters with our samples. The overall ambiance of the space is a reflection of "you", and only you know what you like and what moves you.

Decide what kind of ‘personality’ your living space will have:

Consider what type of functionality you want out of your space. Consider perhaps the types of gatherings or events you may be hosting. If you feel that your kitchen/living space will be the center meeting place for family/friends, you may want to contemplate different layouts that will accommodate large gatherings. If your vision is to keep it simple/quaint; a more cozy softer look, may be what you need. In any case, specifics will enable the specialists at Wolfe Custom Cabinetry Ltd to bring your ideas to life. You can refine your choice by considering the Contemporay, Transitional or the Traditional styles and how they best meet your needs. Upon the completion of the project, the most important aspect is that your new space is exactly what you want and that you are absolutely in love with the results.